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Managing users and permissions

a NucleusCRM Tutorial by TvD last updated 2021/07/02

You can manage the users who have access to the platform through our User Control Panel. By default, full access to the user control panel is given to administrators, while access to limited users can be granted on a per-account basis. 

User Types

In NucleusCRM, we distinguish between two user types, Administrators and Limited Users. Below is a brief explanation of both types:


The initial account that you create when signing up has administrator-level access. Every subscription can have multiple administrator accounts, which can be added in the user control panel.

Administrator accounts have access to all parts of the platform. Additionally, they have the right to view and edit contacts, leads, and accounts owned by other users. An administrator can also change the owner of a contact, lead or account.

Limited Users

The permissions of the limited user can be customized. Limited users have access to the basic features, like documents and the personal calendar, by default.  

Creating Users

The user control panel is available to administrators and limited users that have been granted access. Limited users can only grant access to features they have access to and are therefore unable to create administrator accounts.

Restricting Basic Features

All users have access, by default, to the basic features of the platform; Calendar, Documents, and Profile.
The restrictions are set on account level and affect all users.

1. Click on Settings in the menu and select General.
2. In the general settings, click the Restrictions tab.
3. Select the Basic Feature you want to disable.
4. Click the Save Changes button when done.
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