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How to configure incoming email with POP3 or IMAP

a NucleusCRM Tutorial by TvD last updated 2021/06/01

This guide will show you how to configure incoming email through POP3 or IMAP within NucleusCRM. Setting up incoming email allows you to receive email directly into NucleusCRM. While emails are being retrieved, they are matched against your known contact. On positive match, the email will be attached to the contact's email box. What is done with emails from unknown senders can also be configured in the Incoming Email settings outline below.

Incoming Email Settings

Start by going to the Incoming Email settings in your Profile:
1. Click on your Avatar in the menu and select Profile.
2. In your Profile, click the Incoming Email tab.


You will now see the Incoming Email tab below. Please contact your system administrator for your email account's configuration details, security settings, and login credentials. When you have finished with the configuration, use the Test Settings button to test connectivity to your mail server.

Supported Protocols

Email can be received within NucleusCRM either through the POP3 or IMAP protocol. Both encrypted and unencrypted connections are accepted. The available features per protocol are listed below.


IMAP is the recommended method when you need to check your emails from different locations. With IMAP, your mailbox is stored on the server and can be accessed anywhere, from any device. IMAP supports the creation of folders for more efficient email management.

When using IMAP, NucleusCRM retrieves all unseen messages and matches them against your contacts and leads. Emails matched are downloaded are set as seen on your mail server to prevent double import. Optionally, the message can be deleted after it is downloaded from the server.
The following IMAP ports are supported:
  • TCP 143 - Unencrypted/Legacy
  • TCP  993 - STARTTLS or SSL/TLS


POP3 is used to retrieve mail from a remote server. Once retrieved, emails are generally deleted from the server.
The following POP3 ports are supported:
  • TCP 110 - Unencrypted/Legacy
  • TCP  995 - SSL/TLS

Settings for Popular Email Providers

Type: imap
Security: SSL
Port: 993

See for details this article in Google Help:
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