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Lead Capture
Sales leads are those businesses or people who may eventually transform into clients for your business. They are also the data that identifies an individual or entity as a potential customer for any service or product that you offer. Companies usually access sales leads via trade shows, email marketing efforts, advertising, online and offline marketing initiatives, and third parties, among other sources.

Lead management should be a fool-proof strategy for your business. With NucleusCRM, you can capture leads from your website, blog, social media, or email campaign and process them through your sales funnel.

For fast integration, the WebFormJS Library is available for use on all of your existing forms. If more advanced integrations are needed we provide direct API access to suit any business needs that arise in the future!

For documentation on how to integrate with NucleusCRM, please visit the developer portal. Full WebForms and API documentation can be found there as well.

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